Somebody's Me LIVE, one of the best performances

Somebody's Me is the second single from the 2007 album Insomniac. But, it's a song the fans knew already in 2006, as Enrique has been already performing it live then. And just that year, in my opinion, Enrique has given the best performances of the song (seems like you cannot beat the first moments with a song in terms of the passion, can you?). One of them being this performance, which unfortunately isn't available unedited, although I have been trying to get it for you. And the second one is this performance given in the late 2006 during Enrique's then U.S. tour. Unfortunately, it's a fan-recorded quality, although edited to get the best of it. Still, you can tell it's one of the best and most passionate performances from Enrique ever.

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by on Dec 15, 2017