Be With You

I always say that Ring my bells is my favorite Enrique song and that's true because I remember the effect the song had on me in 2007 (and even in 2005). Like it was out of this world. Another truth is, I don't listen to RMB that often nowadays. I guess this type of experimental/R&B songs, even if absolutely genius, you're getting relatively quickly used to them and they don't have the same power after a while. Also, I guess it's harder to be attached to RMB lyrics that much, comparing to other Enrique songs.

But let's talk about my second favorite Enrique song. Enrique has created so many great songs, it's not an easy choice. But I have one. You can argue it's my real #1, as this is the song I've been listening to the most of all songs in the existence. It's the magical Be With You, so another song written by Enrique. You appreciate BWY as the years go by and you find out that you don't get tired of the song. Never. Especially when the summer comes, I put BWY back on, and it always seems to have the same amazing impression on me. There's some sadness in the song, a lot of joy, there's a mystery, there's great passion. It's pure rhythm, heart, soul. And Enrique's voice at its peak when it comes to such songs. I love the women's chorus as well. The last And I can't go on – Nah-I wanna be with you in the song is perhaps my favorite part. You can't ask for more in a song. One of the best songs ever, and one of the two Enrique songs to make it to #1 on Billboard (Bailamos is the other one, and Enrique has 27 #1 songs on Billboard's Latin, by far the most in the history, and also 14 #1 songs on Billboard's Dance/Club Songs chart).

Can you believe it that BWY doesn't have its video on YouTube? It's a shame. The video should have had at least hundreds of millions of views at this point. Especially that the video is also one of Enrique's best. Starring stunning Shannon Elizabeth and Enrique's real-life friends, it\'s one of Enrique's most real video and a perfect one for the song. So I thought I finally have to do something about it. Originally I wanted to only upload an audio to some cool graphical representation, since of course I cannot upload the official video, but thought no, I have to do something special, for the song.

And so I thought I'll tell the story only using (still) pictures from the video. I put a lot of work to it, from selecting the right pictures, to setting the right tempo depending on the part of the song, to removing watermarks, etc. I love the result! It's like watching a new thing in a way. I'm sure you'll find some images or details you haven't noticed while watching the video. And the very top quality of the audio, which is a rare thing for the video mix of BWY (which is as good as the original IMO).

Speaking of images you haven't noticed in the video, I used one picture that wasn't used at all in the official video. I spotted it immediately, can you? 🧐 Post your guess in the comments! I will reveal which one is that in a few days here on

So, without further ado, finally here's a good representation for Be With You on YouTube. Enjoy!

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by on Aug 29, 2019