Heartbeat LIVE

Here's one of the most magical Heartbeat performances. It happened in 2010 on The X Factor Australia, where Enrique performed the song with Australian musician and DJ Havana Brown. Their voices were just a perfect match and you can tell they had the chemistry, which all resulted in of the best performances of the song.

Later Havana was touring with Enrique to give a few more Heartbeat performances, not recorded in professional quality though. Once, Havana revealed how does Enrique... smell! She was asked if "the Spanish Super Nova smells as good as he looks" and she replied with "Of course he does. He smells incredible. When he walks into a room it’s just... Sex." By the way, have you tried Enrique's fragrance, Adrenaline? 😁

She also added that Enrique is "a total chill, relaxed guy whose just pranks everyone, jokes around, doesn’t take himself too seriously... It’s incredibly charming to see someone like that."

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by on Jul 24, 2018