Heartbeat HALO version LIVE HD

While editing the original 2014 IoMTV Malta Hearbeat performance in 5.1 sound quality, I noticed you can obtain a very cool effect by emphasizing the surrounding tracks more. I thought it's that cool it deserves another version of the video.

In this HALO edit I applied this idea, so you can enjoy a slightly different audio version, in which you can hear the surroundings, such as the crowd, a bit more. You can also notice a very slight echo effect, which is obtained naturally as well, by simply mixing the tracks in a specific way. For the video itself, I prepared a very cool halo effect so it makes the whole thing more magical. Hope you love it!

And if you're wondering about the epic intro by Emmett O'Malley, have you ever heard Chris Isaak's Wicked Game? ;)

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by on Jan 11, 2018