Ring my bells ORIGINS

Ring my bells is the best song in the history of music, period. From the time I've first heard the song, and still, this is my opinion, and I have no idea which song I would put in the second place. If you're a RMB fan, you most likely remember the Tommy Hilfiger commercial from 2005, the first time we've heard the song, or actually a sneak peek. The official and full version was later released in 2007 to start the album Insomniac.

Here comes the previously unseen 30-second version of Ring my bells from 2005, slightly different than from the commercial, without the voice over, and in good quality! As a RMB fanatic, I'm so happy to be able to share this one with you guys. Every version of the song is a true gem of music. Thanks for creating this, Enrique!

Repeat the video at least 3 times to get into the experience to the fullest. Enjoy!

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by on Nov 27, 2017