The Next Video (is gonna be epic!)

I'm so excited about the upcoming video, guys! It will be my favorite live performance of Enrique of all times in a great quality. This performance is already on the channel, but in a poor quality. No better was available for us – up until now! Totally epic!

I've been already working on the video for a couple of days. There's this one thing; although the quality is very good in this official footage, they blurred a logo on Enrique's cap. It's a lousy job, as it sometimes affects also some parts beyond the cap, like Enrique's eyebrow, or even the next cross-fade scenes, etc. It's very annoying and I've been thinking for some time what to do with this. I think I finally have some good idea – to add some film-grain effect. It would make the blur less visible, and actually, it can make even the video more interesting in a mysterious way. I'm still trying with things. I hope the video will premiere on the weekend, but I'm not sure – there's still a lot of work to be done; I'll probably change the format from 4:3 to 16:9 (widescreen), that requires dealing with each scene separately (a lot of cross-fades) to make it look good, I'll add the captions, translations, and more. But hopefully this weekend!

So what performance am I talking about? I'll leave you with a photo hint. 😉

Also, we just hit 300K subscribers. Awesome!

by on Nov 27, 2018