DTOTL Soundcheck

Here's a super-cool little performance of Don't Turn Off The Lights Enrique gave in 2002 in Central Park, New York City. This is actually a soundcheck, I believe. Totally awesome music. Repeat a few times at least! 🤩

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by on Aug 24

Tonight LIVE HD

Here's the Tonight performance from Georgia, Batumi 2011. Enrique gave this performance to start the concert (and then continued with Dirty Dancer). Enjoy!

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by on Aug 11

Bailando LIVE 5.1 ft. Sean Paul

Here's the Bailando performance from So You Think You Can Dance Enrique gave on September 3, 2014 with Sean Paul. As usual, I worked on the quality, so you can enjoy the 5.1 sound optimized for YouTube's stereo. It's also 60FPS. Here it is!

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by on Jul 17

I'm Your Man

I listen to this song a lot recently and I thought I'd share it with you, guys! I'm Your Man is the fifth song from the legendary "Enrique" from 1999. I think the song is very different, stylistically, from most of Enrique's songs. Only some song from the same album can compare. I'd say this was Enrique at his peak when it comes to the tone and strength of his voice. So clear, beautiful, and strong. Still, it's hard to define Enrique at his peak voice-wise, as I believe the 99/00 Enrique wouldn't sing Ring my bells as good as the 2005 Enrique, or even Hero as good as the 2001 Enrique. On the other hand, I'm sure any other Enrique wouldn't sing Be with you or Bailamos as brilliantly as the 99/00 Enrique. Enrique's voice and how it's been changing is an interesting topic for a long article!

Anyway, enjoy I'm Your Man now! Great, magical song.

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by on Jun 20

Do You Know? LIVE; If you do playback, do it like Enrique!

Enrique, of course, sings all of his concerts live, but sometimes, for TV shows, he performs with playback. And when he does, he sure can make it fun to watch!

Here's the epic performance of Do You Know? from the German show Wetten, dass? from June 23, 2007. The show took place at the Coliseum Balear in Mallorca, Spain.

Watch the epic jump Enrique's doing at 2:54 like it's nothing. Enrique's a freaking animal! Even the security is having fun!

And watch the funny bit I added for a fun start 😀. Enjoy!

Want the epic hat Enrique's wearing in this video? Check out the Get Enrique Iglesias Cap page!

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by on May 31

Back with HERO LIVE

Here's a great performance of Hero from the December 2002 Enrique TOTP performances. Enrique performed Maybe as well, but Maybe was playback and Hero is live!

Hope to be posting regularly now!

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by on May 13

One Night Stand

I love One Night Stand. It's a song that brings so many memories, from the epic Escape era.

Here's the great unofficial video made by Alex circa 2005. So much fun!

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by on Feb 7