Could I Have This Kiss Forever LIVE

As promised, a new video is here! It's a live performance (audio) of Could I Have This Kiss Forever from the Madrid 2000 concert for the Enrique Tour.

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by on Jun 19

Enrique is listening to...

Here's Enrique's favorite song lately.

I've been quite busy lately, but I promise a new video will be on enr7que soon!

by on Jun 13

Move To Miami VIDEO

The video for Move To Miami is out!

To be honest, I'm not a fan of this video. Don't like the idea, the production, the quality. The video, in my opinion, should've been shot during the day, mostly at least. The sun is needed here. But that's only my opinion. Certainly it is worth sharing, we have a new Enrique video after all! 😁

by on May 9

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Enrique! Today Enrique is 43. Here are some wishes from the fans (check out the ending for the gifts!):

Enrique has given some interesting interviews lately. First at Hits 97.3:

And the second for one of Enrique's, and Anna's by the way, favorite radio shows, The Elvis Duran Morning Show:

So what do we learn in these interviews?

  • Enrique is not sure if people care about albums anymore 😛
  • But he will deliver the new album soon. He's contractually obliged 😛
  • Enrique admires Post Malone because the guy releases a hit after hit, and quickly "after". He can't stop listening to his upcoming (I guess) single Better Now
  • He loves being a dad and actually he's sitting with the kids doing the radio show

And more. Enrique's also speaking about his new single, Move To Miami, with Pitbull. It was their intention to create a "fun" song.

by on May 8

Move To Miami

New single is out! Presented in a nice Lyric Video (I like the intense and pure yellow style), it's Move To Miami with non other than Pitbull. It's Enrique and Pitbull's sixth song together. Here we go:

The new album is coming very soon and we already have a sneak peek of the new style. Both EL BAÑO and Move To Miami are quite different to Enrique's previous work, and there's that similar modern element to both songs. As always, Enrique is delivering something new. Good. I'm excited about the new album!

by on May 3


Damn, I love 95-98 Enrique and 95-98 Enrique lyrics so much. Here's Contigo, written 100% by Enrique, from Cosas del Amor (1998), with a translation made by me. Spanish lyrics are also available. You must click the CC button and then the gear (settings) button to choose the language. Enjoy!

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by on May 1

Nos Fuimos Lejos

New single and video just released!

Enrique has spent the last months practically non-stop in studio. We can expect a new album very soon!

by on Apr 7