Be with you LIVE in Warsaw 2000

"Boski Enrique" ("boski" means "divine/godlike") was Enrique's nickname in Poland in 99/00, with Enrique being a huge superstar in the country. There was a true "Enrique-mania" going on in Poland, with Be with you, Rhythm divine and Bailamos to be heard everywhere including every disco.

Here's the performance of Be with you from the Warsaw 2000 TV concert. Be with you is definitely one of Enrique's greatest songs ever and my personal no. 2. It's also one of Enrique's two songs to reach the number 1 position on Billboard Hot 100 (the other one is Bailamos). You can never get enough of this song! Great song, great performance and a great atmosphere in Poland. Enjoy!

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by on Oct 15

Ring My Bells LIVE HD

This performance was already on the channel in a cool dark night edit. This time it's the Batumi 2011 Ring My Bells performance in FULL HD and with a special color edit. This is the greatest song of all time!

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by on Sep 20


Today is the 17th 9/11 anniversary and certainly there's that one Enrique's song that were close to many people's hearts after the attacks. It's of course Hero, arguably Enrique's biggest hit. Here's the performance Enrique gave almost 17 years ago (can you believe this?), shortly after the attacks (on Nov 19).

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by on Sep 11

Do You Know?

Here's the 2007 Belfast Do You Know performance in HD. With the amazing ping pong intro 😎. Enrique is not performing the song anymore, so enjoy these sweet memories!

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by on Sep 5

I'm a Freak LIVE HD

Here's a performance of I'm a Freak, the fifth single and third English single from Sex and Love, from the Alan Carr: Chatty Man from 4/4/14. A really nice production by Channel 4!

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by on Aug 18

Enrique's Network TV debut Oct 23 1996

Here's Enrique's Network Television debut from October 23, 1996. Enrique performed his second single, Experiencia Religiosa live at the Late Show with David Letterman.

Raimo, thank you so much for this video!

by on Aug 10

Escape at Party in the Park

Here's the Escape performance from the 2002 Party in the Park. Enrique shared the stage with artists such as Bryan Adams, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, his friend Ronan Keating, or the boyband Blue. One of the most energetic Escape performances!

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by on Aug 5